I’m committed to helping others see the complexity of the problems we’re faced with, and the critical nature of developing sustainable systems. I’m further dedicated to helping people understand the benefits of getting with the program sooner rather than later, so I’m happy to take part in events which might benefit from such messages. 


I have written for a wide-variety of publications, including the Harvard Business Review, The Week, The RSA, Social SpaceSustainable Brands, Practitioner’s Hub for Inclusive Business, and previously wrote a column for SALT Magazine, a print magazine that focused on purpose-oriented business. I maintain my personal site, where I fill in the gaps between big writing projects, and one for the Wicked Problems Collaborative, the independent press I launched to tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges. (WPC titles include “What Do We Do About Inequality?” an anthology featuring diverse views, and I’m currently finishing up the final installment of “The Dividing Kingdom,” a book on the slow-motion train wreck known as Brexit.)

If you’d like to invite me to speak or write for you, or you’re interested in exploring other opportunities, please send me a note: chris(@)lineartocircular(dot)com.

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