Linear to Circular

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Linear to Circular

Like it or not, the way we do business is changing. A planet of seven-plus billion people needs a different operating system from one the one that had far fewer. Fortunately, the Linear to Circular transition is already underway. Positive transformations are ongoing around the globe, but many communities and organizations need to kick it in gear.

Sustainability is not some half-baked idea about saving the environment. It is simply the ability to persist. Shouldn’t we all be interested in that? Maybe a few organizations are run with a devil may care attitude, but I hope that most of us are aiming higher. 

We can do better. And it can lead to direct financial benefits, as well as loads of indirect benefits like increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction levels.

If you’re ready to head down this path, or just interested in exploring opportunities, please send me a note: chris (@) lineartocircular (dot) com.

Linear to Circular LLC is a social enterprise that reinvests more than 50% of its profits in social and environmental impact work.